Who’s Who - Committee?

Committee and Executive members

Jason Fergus

Beacon, Funding & Sponsorship

Executive member

Alan Twine
Hon. President
Club Records

Richard Frost
Vice Chairman
Sponsorship & fundraising, Open Gala promoter

Executive member

Jan Mickley

Assistant Treasurer

Executive member

Shekh (Mo) Motin

Executive member

Dawn Nicholls

Executive member

Ron Munro

Club Fees tracking

Carla Marshall
Team Manager

Nicola Thompson
ASA Membership

Germaine Fairclough


Christine Bearwish
Minutes, Agendas & Workforce Co-ordinator

Laraine Jones
Asst. Gala Secretary

Jane Jolly

 Registers Mgmt

Rachel Gray
Welfare Officer

Collette Hunnisett
Membership & Squad Liaison

Matt Dempsey

Water Polo Manager

All the people below are unpaid volunteers. The club is always looking for additional  people to help.

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