The following open galas are planned by BPSC in 2017.  Click on links in the table below to obtain file with schedule, QT’s etc.   

If you have any queries regarding these meets please contact our Open Gala Co-ordinator .  

BPSC Open Galas

Previous BPSC Open Meet results:

 2016 Season Opener - 24/25 Sept 2ER160488
 2016 Dave Warriner memorial - 10th Sept 3ER160486
 2016 BPSC End Of Season - 23/24 July 3ER160054
 2016 BPSC Summer Novice - 2July 3ER160053

 2016 Non-Regional Results File - 7May 3ER160489

 2016 BPSC Easter LC Meet - 26Mar 1ER160006

 2016 BPSC Spring Timetrial - 12Mar 3ER160007

 2015 BPSC Last Chance Qualifier - 19/20Dec 3ER150908

 2015 BPSC 1500/800 County Qualifier - 5Dec 3ER150958

 2015 BPSC Season Opener - 26/27Sept 2ER150236

 2015 Dave Warriner Memorial gala - 13Sept 3ER150235  

 2015 BPSC End of Season LC Meet - 18/19July 3ER150446

 2015 Independence day Novice Meet - 4July 3ER150444  2015 Sprint and 400m LC Meet - 21May 1ER150400  

 2015 Easter LC Meet - 4/5th April 1ER150042

 2015 Spring Timetrial Meet - 14/15 March 3ER150612

 2015 BPSC SC Winter Meet - 3/4th Jan 2ER150018

 2014 BPSC 1500+800 Meet - 21st Dec 3ER4990

 2014 BPSC Autumn SC 25/26th Oct 3ER4727

 2014 Dave Warriner Memorial Gala - 20th Sept 3ER4741

 2014 BPSC End of Season LC Meet - 19/20th July 3ER4489

 2014 BPSC Easter LC Meet - 19/20th April 1ER4044

 2014 BPSC New Year SC Meet - 11-12th January 3ER4045  2013 BPSC Winter LC Meet - 21/22nd Dec 1ER3693

 2013 BPSC Autumn County Qualifier - 19/20th Oct 3ER3692

 2013 BPSC Early Season Taster - 28th Sept 3ER3763

 2013 BPSC End of Season Meet - 13-14th June  3ER3535  

 2013 BPSC 3rd Open Novice Gala - 29th June  4ER3534

 2012 BPSC Long Course Winter Meet - 15-16th December

 2012 BPSC Autumn Open  - 27-28th October

 2012 BPSC 2nd Open Novice Gala  26th May 2012   

Future BPSC Open Galas - 2017
(Click on the gala name below for more info)


13/14th May

Spring Long Course v4

Level 1


50/100/200m all strokes, 200/400 IM, plus 400, 800 & 1500m Free  

1st July

Summer Novice SC Meet

Level 3


50m all strokes, plus 200m Free & IM

22/23rd July

End of Season LC Meet

Level 3


All events except 800m & 1500m
*** FULL-existing booked clubs only***

16th Sept

Dave Warriner Early Season

Level 3


All 50m events plus 200m Freestyle. Includes new 50m F/S event for 6-8 yrs

30 Sept/1 Oct

Season Opener Meet

Level 3


All events except 800m & 1500m.

21st October

BPSC Sprint Meet

Level 3


All 50’s and 100’s and 200 F/S

2nd Dec

1500 and 800 County and Regional qualifier

Level 3


1500 and 800m

16/17th Dec

Last Chance County Qualifier

Level 3


All events except 800m & 1500m.

Note: The pool at Basildon Sporting Village operates in both 25m and 50m modes

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